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58 Participants of AYF Are Excited Watching Pepe-pepe Ri Makka Dance

The 20th Asian Youth Forum (AYF) held at the Industrial Technology Faculty (FTI) of Universitas Muslim Indonesia (UMI) Makassar is officially closed on a friendly evening in the FTI UMI courtyard on Thursday (08/29/2018) night.

UMI rector Prof. Basri Modding in his speech when closing the event said he was very proud and appreciated FTI UMI as the host.

“FTI UMI is very dynamic, innovative and very familiar. I think FTI can be an example of other faculties at UMI in particular,” said Prof. Basri.

After dinner, AYF participants from Russia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil, the United States and Japan are treated to four ethnic dances and Pepe-pepe Ri Makka.

The next day, Friday, the AYF participants will travel to Bantimurung, Maros for traveling.

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