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Summer Course

Summer Course 2023

The International summer course is held by Universitas Muslim Indonesia, Makassar, South Sulwesi, Indonesia. The University is the first private university accredited Unggul, the highest university accreditation by The National Accreditation Board, outside of Java Island. This program is designed to give the participants a lifetime experience on the truly unique and worth of studying local cultures on the harmony of nature, human, and technology from Buginese and Makasarese cultures. We offer courses and the exceptional experiences on the courses by taking participants to the local culture sites and observe the local people lives that in line with the program.

The summer course is a partial scholarship for international undergraduate students. This scholarship covers the student’s expenses during the program. The scholarship will be awarded to 20 participants. The course will be started in 18nd to 23st July 2023. In addition, the program is equal to 4 credits in Indonesian educational system. 

During the program, all participants will be brought to interesting places in Makassar City and Maros Regency. In Makassar, students will visit Benteng Somba Opu, Benteng Rotterdam, Pantai Losari. Interestingly, students in Maros will visit Rammang-Rammang and Banti Murung. Rammang-Rammang has been acknowledged by UNESCO as the Global Geopark and it is the second largest karst in the world. In the area, a historical cave with animal paints from the ancient era has been preserved.   Meanwhile, in Banti Murung is a waterfall and Butterfly conservation.

Application Process

  1. Read the terms and conditions and the rukes and regulations
  2. Complete the application 
  3. Committee examine the application for in two weeks time
  4. Committee will notify the applicants on the results. If you pass, then you will be advised about further required documents. Please note that your place cannot be reserved until the required documents have been sent to the committee.

  5. As soon as we get the required documents, we will secure a place for you and keep the applicants updated on the program

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