Office of International Affairs



Universitas Muslim Indonesia has been hosting internship students. Most of the students are coming from Europe.

For those interested in taking an internship program at the university, please pay attention to the required documents:

  1. Financial support statement from the guarantor
  2. Bank statement with minimum balance of USD 1500
  3. Personal statement letter
  4. Curriculum vitae
  5. Scanned of passport, must be valid for at least 24 months
  6. Scanned of passport cover
  7. Nomination letter from home university
  8. Copy of academic records and diplomas
  9. Medical statement from applicant’s doctor
  10. Health Insurance
  11. Passport size photograph with red background
  12. Medical statement from applicant’s doctor
  13. Health Protocol Statement Letter
  14. 3 Doses Vaccine Certificate (Complete Doses)
  15. Covid 19 Self-Pay Statement Letter

Please note that the documents should be in high-quality pdf or jpg files, min 100 kb – max 300 kb

The application can be sent to our email Please note that the subject of your email should be “Internship Application”

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