Office of International Affairs

OIA Profile

OIA Profile

Universitas Muslim Indonesia (UMI) was established on June 23rd, 1954 AD or Syawal  22nd 1373 AH, by Muslim scholars, local kings, local government, and highly respected figures locally and nationally. UMI has 5 campuses, 4 in Makassar and 1 in Pangkep, South Sulawesi. 2020-Present, UMI has the biggest number of professors compared to other private universities in East Indonesia. Nationally the university is acknowledged for its character-building educational model which is to produce graduates with up-to-date and applicable knowledge, scientific-based actions, noble characters, and highly competitive students. UMI is an education and Dakwah Institution with full internet access at the university premises. The university is one of the best private universities in the country. It has been listed in the top 100 Islamic universities in the world.

Office of International Affairs (OIA) or in Indonesian Language known as Kantor Urusan Internasional was established to assist and strengthen the internationalization of Universitas Muslim Indonesia (UMI).
OIU UMI is assigned to work on the followings;
1. Initiating and maintaining international collaboration through MoU signing 

2. Assisting international students’ applications, Inbound and Outbound.

3. Providing assistance, practical advice, and information for inbound and outbound international teaching and research programs.

4. Organizing programs for international students such as orientation day for international students, excursions, and summer courses.

5. Supporting international conferences and activities held by departments, faculties, and universities.