Telkom University Bandung – UMI Builds Cooperation

KUI UMI – Telkom University Bandung builds cooperation with Universitas Muslim Indonesia. This event takes place in Menara UMI Fl.09, Friday, five August 2016.

The event is attended by UMI Rector Prof Dr Hj Mokhtar Masrurah MA, vice rector for cooperation affairs Prof. Dr. H. Ma’ruf Hafidz SH MH, vice rector for Islamic campus Drs KH Zain Irwanto MA, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science Dr.H.Dirgahayu Lantara, the head of International office Hj Setyawati Yani ST MT PhD, head of Public Relations of UMI Dr Hj Nurjannah SS MPd.

UMI Rector Prof Dr. Hj Mokhtar Masrurah MA said, UMI has flagship program, mind enlightenment, in which each element in UMI, be it leadership, lecturers, students and staff of UMI must take this program. This year we received 4500 new students.

“Before they start the course, they are first included short training in pesantren for three days. Pesantren are replacements of ‘ospek’, because UMI no longer recognizes ‘ospek’. After undergoing lectures, in turns, each faculty will send students to the Pesantren Darul Mukhlishin Padang Lampe for a month,” she explained.

Vice rector for cooperation of Telkom University, AMA Suyanto, said Telkom University was formed in 2013, on August 14, this year is the third years. Telkom University comprises four institutions, which are united, namely; Institute of Telkom, Telkom Institute of Management, STISI Telkom and Telkom Polytechnic. All four were later merged into Telkom University Bandung.

“The only way that the best is to build collaboration and to meet universities colleagues, what strength that UMI has, it can help us and the strength we have, it can help UMI. Then, it will make higher education and universities in Indonesia could be respected,” he said.


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